Fulcrum Encounter Reception Desks

Brand Sven | Fulcrum

Fulcrum Encounter Reception Desks

The Fulcrum Range is one of the most executive ranges of  Office Furniture on the market. By UK Manufactures Sven.

Available in a wide range of Veneers – American Walnut, Beech, Caramel Bamboo, Cherry, Maple, Natural Bamboo, Natural Walnut and Rose Walnut.

Reception Pieces come in many shapes and sizes with a wide range of deskovers and glass shelves so can be configured to suit your reception enviroment. 

We can offer a wide variety of different detail line designs and materials, inlays may be any shape or size and we can inlay text or logos.  You also combine a a timber veneer in one finish with a solid hardwood edge in a different finish.

Come in many shapes and sizes so can be configured to suit your reception enviroment.  Please call our sales team for further information

Available Finishes

Sven Veneer
  • American Walnut Veneer (Sven)

  • Beech Veneer (Sven)

  • Caramel Bamboo Veneer (Sven)

  • Cherry Veneer (Sven)

  • Light Oak Veneer (Sven)

  • Macassar Gold Veneer (Sven)

  • Macassar Tan Veneer (Sven)

  • Maple Veneer (Sven)

  • Natural Bamboo Veneer (Sven)

  • Natural Walnut Veneer (Sven)

  • Rose Walnut Veneer

  • Smoked Oak Veneer (Sven)

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